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Chủ Nhật, 25 tháng 6, 2017

Viet Cong qua nét vẽ của hoạ sĩ Mỹ

Viet Kong, 1966, Sud Vietnam
Soldados del Viet Cong. Pin by Paolo Marziolivietnamese military | Proud to be Vietnamese - north-vietnam-army-sketch.jpgViet Minh officer, Hanoi 1954 - pin by Paolo Marzioli1954 c. Guerrillero del viet-min by Marek SzyszkoBLOG SOBRE MINIATURAS MILITARES, WARGAMES, PINTURA, MODELISMO Y HISTORIA DE LA AFICIÓN EN CATALUÑA.• NVA regular, South Vietnam, 1968  • NVA anti-aircraft gunner, South Vietnam…"• Viet Cong, 1960s-70s • Viet Cong, 1960s-70s • Khmer Rouge, 1960s-70s", Mike Chappell[Image: VietCong3_zpse9d41927.jpg]"Viet Cong Fighter: Village defense and Local Forces", Howard GerrardSoldado Viet Cong, Fuerzas principales, 1968.This was a vietcong soldier. They looked like average every day citizens and were difficult to pick out in a crowd which is why we had such a hard time in this war. We didn't know who we were fighting half the time.Soldado Vietcong, Fuerzas principales, 1968.Soldat nord-vietnamien, 1954REDS.VN - Chân dung tuyệt đẹp của bộ đội Cụ Hồ qua nét vẽ hoạ sĩ MỹVietnamese guerilla

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